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   SOFTOOL is a unique event in the IT world, which brings together IT vendors and consumers. Established 17 years ago, this exhibition attracts tens of thousands of professionals who create and implement automation technologies in all sectors of the economy.
   By looking over the exhibition, you will get a comprehensive picture of the IT market.
   By visiting the panel sessions of the conference, you will gain the knowledge of IT development trends.
   After attending master classes, you will make sure that it is better to consult with the recognized industry leaders, learn from the experience of other companies than to read hundreds of books.
   At the round table discussions you will be able to shae views with colleagues.



LinuxLand 2006
LinuxLand 2005

International Conference "ITO-2006: Linux and Open Source Technologies"

You are invited to participate in the International Conference "ITO-2006: Linux and Open Source technologies", which is held in AREC on September 26 through 29, 2006 within the confines of LinuxLand section at the SofTool'2006 exhibition. Conference organizers: Linuxcenter.Ru, WDU, UNESCO, and MPGU.

Conference sponsors: IBM and Mandriva

The first day is devoted to the discussion of UNESCO projects on using Open Source in education, and the reports and presentations by the leaders of Linux industry and Linux education.

The other days include master classes and training sessions on Linux and Open Source technologies at the exhibition stands of LinuxLand, and the magazine Linux Format presentation.

The registered participants get the conference kit with proceedings, tutorials, and Linux and Open Source distributives.


26.09. Linux and Open Source Technologies- Lectures, reports Linux and Open Source in Education - Reports
27.09. Linux Technologies - Presentations, master classes Open Source Technologies - Presentations, training sessions
28.09. Trainings on Linux Technologies Ц Master classes Trainings on Open Source - Lectures, training sessions
29.09 Trainings on Linux Technologies Ц Master classes Trainings on Open Source - Lectures, training sessions

To register as listener please send e-mail: info@linuxcenter.ru
To register as speaker please send e-mail: linx3@narod.ru


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