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   SOFTOOL is a unique event in the IT world, which brings together IT vendors and consumers. Established 17 years ago, this exhibition attracts tens of thousands of professionals who create and implement automation technologies in all sectors of the economy.
   By looking over the exhibition, you will get a comprehensive picture of the IT market.
   By visiting the panel sessions of the conference, you will gain the knowledge of IT development trends.
   After attending master classes, you will make sure that it is better to consult with the recognized industry leaders, learn from the experience of other companies than to read hundreds of books.
   At the round table discussions you will be able to shae views with colleagues.



LinuxLand 2006
LinuxLand 2005

LinuxLand Exhibition is the only event in Russia that exhibits the major Russian and international companies offering solutions and services based on Open Source technologies.

For vendor, LinuxLand is a unique opportunity to demonstrate their Open Source products to the mass audiences of end users and corporate customers. For visitors, this exhibition is a chance to have a look at and learn the most recent and advanced technologies which are constantly developed by the global Open Source community. Every year, LinuxLand brings together such Open Source solutions and services suppliers as Mandriva, IBM, Novell, R-Style, HP, Oracle, ASPLinux, Linux-Online (Linux XP system developer), NPO "Set" (MOPSLinux system developer), Bitrix, PROMT, Etersoft, Linuxcenter.ru, Linux Format magazine, Unix Education Center et al.

In addition to display booths zone, LinuxLand has computerized demo area designed to show industry-specific Linux solutions and to hold the workshops, master calsses and training seminars on the latest Linux technologies. The following educational activities will take place in the LinuxLand conference auditorium this year:

  • 2.10.2007 - Linux Day for Governmant
  • 3.10.2007 - Linux Day for Business
  • 4.10.2007 - Linux Day for Education
  • 5.10.2007 - Linux Day for Home Users.

This year, the business conference program of Softool / LinuxLand exhibitions comprises the I International Conference on Information Technologies Standardization and Interoperability. (SITOP 2007) including the sections "Open systems standards and Open Source software as a tool of free realization of IT infrastructure." The conference reflects the most important trends in IT development, practical applications of software and hardware products in various sectors of economy, and state regulation of information technologies.

SITOP 2007 Conference is organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Federal Agency for Information Technologies, the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, A.Popov RNTORES, the Russian Section of IEEE, the Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Societies, FOSTAS Foundation, A.Prokhorov Academy of Engineering Sciences, the Academy of Information Systems, ZAO "IT Expo", LinuxCenter.

The chairman of the conference is Y.V. Gulyaev, academician, a member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences; co-chairmen are V.G.Matyuhin, the head of the Federal Agency for Information Technologies, and G.I.Yelkin, the head of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

The conference will, among other things, discuss the following issues:

  • ODF and OpenXML standards for electronic documents, their prospects in the Russian public sector (section and roundtable with representatives of the Ministry for Information Technologies and Communicatins, Rosinformtehnologii, Rostehregulirovaniya, RAS, Microsoft, Sun, IBM and others)
  • Standards of information systems interoperability and their free implementations in Open Source products
  • Standards of information technologies: from "nano" to "grid" (Y.V. Gulyaev, academician, a member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • The role of standards in building the information technology structure for the public services delivery (V.G.Matyukhin, the head of the Federal Agency for Information Technologies)
  • State policy in the field of standardization of information technologies (G.I.Yelkin, the head of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology)
  • European activities for the standardization of information technologies (Kay Jacobs, a member of the European Academy for Standardization)
  • Open standards implementations in the public sector: the instruments of government regulation (M.Braude-Zolotarev, General Director, ANO Expert Analytical Center)
  • Building advanced application systems (workflow, distributed search and analysis systems, library and archive systems, geo-information, CAD, financial accounting, etc.) based on Open Source software and open standards
  • Free licenses as a standard mechanism for the legal support of softare products and documents distribution and use.

Participants of the LinuxLand 2007 workshops and SITOP 2007 discussions get the unique opportunity to share experience with the leaders of Russian and international Linux industry, to understand current trends in Open Source globally, to assess the prospects of open technologies use in their organizations. To receive a full kit of master classes and conference materials including collected papers, manuals and Linux and OSS distributions, please pre-register well in advance.

We invite you to paticipate in the exhibition
We look forward to effective cooperation.

e-mail: info@linuxcenter.ru
tel.: (812) 929-09-07


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